how to add another computer to your avast subscription

There are bonus security features that could be added at the checkout point, like Avast Cleanup Premium which adds $29.99 to your bill, Avast Password, which adds $9.99 and Avast SecureLine VPN Multi Device which could set you back an additional $39.99. ... More

how to add favorites on ipad safari

Safari on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch keeps tracking of your web browsing history and saving bookmarks for your frequently used websites. And these bookmarks can vastly improve your work efficiency and get a better experience. ... More

how to cook good brown rice

i figured out that by soaking short grain brown rice overnight and then cooking it in a pot (my roommate's rice cooker makes it too dry to stick together well, even if it's soaked overnight), i can get a pretty good sticky brown rice. sometimes, though, it seems TOO wet, which is probably just cooking inconsistencies on my part. ... More

how to change color in product comparison shopify active

Using the image editor. You can use the photo editor to edit and resize images that you have uploaded to Shopify. Within the photo editor, you can crop, enhance, and resize images, change their orientation, and adjust colors and other settings. ... More

minecraft how to build medieval wall

Students to complete the 'Challenge 21' medieval journal (attached) and try to find all 20 facts about life in medieval times and write these in their journal. If time allows, students can build their own medieval house in Minecraft. ... More

how to delete registry key for visio product

I don't why Microsoft make it so difficult to my case I am going to replace it with a dearer product of theirs. I even tried to validate the trial product with the Key that came with the Microsoft Office Enterprise but it didn't accept it. Someone on another forum suggested that I use the Disc I was given with MOE to remove the Trial but that didn't work either. ... More

how to get to hp laptop hard drive

However, the choice ultimately depends on your priorities: You can save money by buying a laptop with a traditional hard drive (such as the HP model shown below). It will be heavier and slower ... More

how to cut shotgun shells for crafts

Shotgun Shells and Wad Columns . Until the introduction of plastic shotgun shell by Remington Arms in 1960, paper had been the material of choice for the manufacture of shotgun shells for almost a … ... More

how to clean grime off wood furniture

Ink stains are among the most difficult to remove, especially if they're allowed to set in. If the ink stain happens to get on wood, an unfortunately common occurrence, it's doubly frustrating. ... More

how to draw a real mango

Play and Listen art and craft how to draw a mango watch it and learn step by step drawing with colour if you think that this is a nice video then please like comments Art & Craft: How to Draw A Mango u0986u09ae u0985u0982u0995u09a8 Mp3 ... More

how to lock formulas in excel but allow data entry

How to Enable Conditional Data Entry in Excel using Data Validation Sometimes when you are creating worksheets with data inputs, you may want to restrict the data input format (i.e. numbers, decimals, date, text etc.) and their range. ... More

how to change axis labels in pages

Gysbert is correct, it is not possible to play around with X axis label. All you can do it, you can disable it and use a text box instead however, with change in number of items on x axis (increase/decrease number of bars) you may need to re-position that text box, … ... More

how to make a phone call on apple watch

Use Siri to make phone calls on Apple Watch. Siri is also a quick and easy way to make phone calls. Say, “Hey, Siri. Call Mum,” and the phone app will quickly dial the right number. Find out ... More

how to cut a mohawk on black hair

Mohawk Hairstyles For Black Men 2018. Mohawk hairstyles is more famous in black men but they have lot subjects to get their hairs in that style like if they want to shave their hairs with contrast colors on shaven sides and leave the center spics in natural or they want to get shaven sides clean but make the center strip colorful they have to ... More

how to draw a cracker

This is ideal for anyone wanting to save a few pennies or for any papercrafters, easy to make and can be filled with your own choices. Items You Will Need to Make the Crackers Tonic Cracker die ... More

how to download video from goanimate for free

Download goanimate free shared files from DownloadJoy and other world's most popular shared hosts. Our filtering technology ensures that only latest goanimate files are listed. How to download goanimate? 1. Click download file button. 2. In next page click regular or free download. 3. That's it! Download will begin. About. As an file sharing search engine DownloadJoy finds goanimate files ... More

how to catch shellder in pokemon moon

This page contains all the information available for Shellder in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon including the moves learnt by level up, egg moves and TM moves. Table of Contents Shellder ... More

how to spray urethane clear coat

7/03/2013 · In the 80's I had success with Harley lacquer candies as a base, 2 coats of clear lacquer with a 600 wet sand, then 2 light coats of PPG 1900S Bonding Clear, then urethane clear… ... More

how to buy cyder coin

If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to buy Dogecoin with fiat, Kraken is your best bet. Founded in 2011, the US exchange has a DOGE/BTC trading pair (though they use the currency code of XDG). They offer a wide range of deposit methods and users in Europe can benefit from the fast and free SEPA deposits. Kraken exchange is now much more reliable following an update. ... More

how to connect sonos speaker to play google

I got it to work fairly quickly. Take each of your sonos speakers (one at a time) and manually plug them in to your main google wifi router with an ethernet cable and plug it into a power outlet. ... More

how to add mods to fallout 4

There are a ludicrous number of mods currently available for Fallout 4, from changes that turn the post-apocalyptic setting into a full-fledged horror game to mods specifically themed around Nuka Cola. ... More

how to build instagram followers fast

Wanted to make this video on how to make Instagram followers! I think anyone can do these things and grow their account quickly – let me know if you want to see more social media videos from me! Also, if you know of ways to grow a following on Instagram that I didn’t mention, leave a comment! Give this video a THUMBS UP if it helped you and share it =) *HUGS* ... More

how to sew clear vinyl fabric

My sewing machine and feed dogs reacted very differently to the laminted fabric and pulled it through with ease. Sewing the side seams – The side seams are vinyl on vinyl. I found my sewing machine got stuck and wanted to sew in the same spot over and over. ... More

how to become a surrogate mother in pa

There are requirements to be a Surrogate Mother. Sometimes couples have a friends or family member they would like to carry their pregnancy. Thats absolutely a possibility, but not everyone is cut out for the job of being a surrogate mother. ... More

how to draw earth with pencil

Sketch Draw Of The Earth How To Draw To Draw Realistic Earth - Youtube Sketch Draw Of The Earth 90+ Earth Day Drawings On Earth Day 2017 - 22 April 2017 Sketch Draw Of The Earth Earth Black And White Drawing At Getdrawings Free For Personal ... More

ebay how to close a cancel transaction case

21/01/2009 I was a buyer in this case and opened a dispute. Now the case is resolved and I am satisfied. Now the case is resolved and I am satisfied. Now, I can not find the option, how to close ... More

how to open c drive on mac

Using Your Drive on Mac ® G DRIVE ® USB Using Your Drive on Mac ® Restore the Drive Icon If the G-DRIVE mobile USB drive icon was erased during the reinitializing process ... More

how to change activity goals on apple watch

You challenge a friend to a 7 day competition on Apple Watch. Each day you earn up to 600 points for your activities. At the end of the week, the person with the most points wins and get’s some lovely bling in the shape of shiny 3D awards in the Activity app. ... More

how to cut mdf safety

27/06/2016 Report unsafe work practices call 92286900 or email CFMEU WA SAFETY GUIDANCE Procedure for the Handling Cutting & Storage of MDF (Medium Density Fibre ... More

how to ask to defer starting day unforeseen circumstances

The day before the exam period commences, always double check SIMO (or your email if you are sitting off-campus, or you are an alternative exam conditions student), just in case you have recorded incorrect details previously, or there may also have been unforeseen room changes that could not be avoided. ... More

how to delete games on ps4 pro

When the PS4 detects a game disc, the data will automatically begin installing: Make sure to remove your game disc from the console before deleting that game. Then, when you want to play it again, simply put the disc back in to reinstall it. ... More

how to avoid extra costs opskins

Borrowing – how to avoid extra costs . Are you thinking about taking out a phone contract or a loan? Make sure you understand what the facts and figures mean so you don’t get burned! ... More

how to add subtitle to kodi 17

ON Kodi 17 Krypton: Select Add-ons > Add-on Browser ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons Select I nstall from Repository > Kodi Add-on repository > Subtitles > > Install ... More

how to draw adventure time

"Truly innovative and potentially infinite, Adventure Time Game Wizard is an essential purchase for younger players interested in making games, and doubly-so for for fans of the show - Pocket Gamer ... More

how to cancel for you on itunes

If you still dont see that option, try logging into your account via iTunes and you should see the Cancel Subscription option. To manage your subscriptions via iTunes follow this path: Open iTunes > Sign in with your Apple ID > choose Account > View My Account > Select Settings > Look for Subscriptions and select Manage > Choose the Edit button next to Photomyne > Look at the bottom for ... More

how to detect a security breach

Read more about Firms are taking less time to detect a security breach, says Accenture on Business Standard. This year, 55 per cent of organisations took one week or less to detect a breach compared to 10 per cent last year ... More

how to change your billing address on twitch

Once logged in, the Change Billing Address link can be found under the "Services" section in the right hand column. Complete the fields and click Continue . Confirm the information you have entered and click Submit to proceed OR Go Back to make changes. ... More

how to add photos to google keep in order

You can create, edit, and add things like maps and text in your photo albums. You can add up to 20,000 photos or videos to an album. Note: Some features may not be available when you have a large album. Create a new album. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app . Sign in to your Google Account. Touch and hold a photo, and then select the photos you want in your new … ... More

how to create username for youtube

4/01/2014 · How To Change Your Youtube Username! September 2018 (STILL WORKING!) Nikkicrafter55. Loading... Unsubscribe from Nikkicrafter55? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 27K ... More

how to clean your oven racks

Clean your oven WITHOUT hours of scrubbing: The little-known trick that strips grease and leaves racks sparkling in no time - leaving homeowners amazed ... More

how to clean fujitsu astg24kmca filter

FUJITSU 7.1KW COOL / 8.0KW Heat Split Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner ASTG24KMCA - $1,629.00. Quick Delivery Trusted Seller Welcome to Powerland! Best Value Guaranteed BRAND NEW WITH FULL WARRANTY Secure & Fast Online Shopping AUSTRALIA WIDE COURIER DELIVERY Fujitsu 7.1KW Cool / 8.0KW Heat Split Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner ASTG24KMCA Auto ... More

how to get navigation guide garmin connect

Get turn-by-turn navigation to guide you, whether you go on or off the road. Garmin Cycle Map provides you with routable road and bike paths, elevation data, points of interest and address search. Round-trip routing lets Edge 820 select a cycling-friendly route for ... More

how to change enchantment table to english

This table can be crafted in a crafting table, or you can craft the table upgrade item to convert an existing table in the world into the advanced table. Once you have the new advanced enchanting table, you can right click the table to access it. ... More

how to change fb name after 60 days

i have to say that finally facebook got back to me and fixed the problem. there is a a proper name change in which you add a photo of your identification card showing your true name and birthdate! :) do it ... More

how to lowkey come out

LGBT 41 Awesome Ways To Come Out To Your Friends And Family. In case you need some prep for National Coming Out Day on October 11th. ... More

how to clear up chest acne

Others may need to seek medical treatment to help clear up the acne. Anyone experiencing severe cases of acne or acne that does not clear up should see their doctor to make sure it is not another ... More

how to change oppo a57 change password without the password

Well for those of you who do not want complicated with the use of PC or laptop in flashing, you can follow the guides how to flash Oppo A57 without PC I wrote below. You simply prepare the SD Card and Oppo A57 firmware. ... More

how to change order of photos in filmora

Customize, re-order the placement of upload images in a photo album on Facebook. Also change the order of facebook photo albums with drag and drop routine. Also change the order of facebook photo albums with drag and drop routine. ... More

how to get customers to buy from you

The goal is to help clients find you so you can build relationships with them, and when theyre ready to buy, youre top of mind. Lets get started. Lets get started. The 12 Step Guide To Getting Customers ... More

how to become a texas state trooper

In order to help you assess your career options for becoming a police officer, the following sortable table displays the average annual salary for patrol officers in each state, the percentage of the median home price that the annual salary buys, and the projected job growth for police … ... More

how to call pakistan from australia

Given below is the dialing procedure to call Pakistan From Australia. You will find information on how to make an international call from Australia to Pakistan fixed line number or mobile number. ... More

how to cook gelatin powder

Ever wonder where your gulaman came from, or how they came to be? Powdered and Sheet gelatins, usually sold in supermarkets, are extracted from collagen, a by-product of boiling pig's or cow's knuckles (pata) and hooves. ... More

how to become a software engineer at google

From Instagram and Snapchat to Sims Mobile, Microsoft Word and Google Chrome, the apps and programs you use every day didn’t come from nowhere. Software engineers are the creative, problem-solving gurus behind everything that makes our electronic lives easy and entertaining. In this article, we ... More

how to download presets into pse14

5/06/2017 I have PSE14 on a PC with Windows 7 Professional. I go to the Brush Tool; Load Brushes, then go to the site you mentioned. The brushes that are ... More

how to clean raw denim

"Denim 101" is an ongoing Atelier Journal series intended to educate our friends and fans on all things denim. This interview was conducted by our friends at Gear Patrol and originally appeared there. ... More

how to remove download file pixel

When the file is downloaded go to Settings, then Memory and Downloads (open the notification panel). Tap on apk file. Click Install to start the TubeMate installation. Click Open to launch the application. ... More

how to clean lexmark pro205 printhead

Fix HP Officejet Pro 6830 Printhead Problem, Replacement, Clean Printhead There are few things that can cause blockages, the most common is having the printer set idle for over a long period of time. If it is left plugged in, it will clean itself but without power the ink will dry out inside the head, depending on weather conditions. ... More

how to choose a cutting board

Robert Dinsmore promotes high quality wooden cutting boards, butcher blocks, cheese boards and knife blocks. All products are hand crafted using hardwoods obtained from managed forests in the state of … ... More

how to change your volume in terminal

22/10/2018 · To calculate volume in litres, first convert the dimensions of the object into centimeters. Then, use the volume formula to calculate the volume of a shape. For example, to calculate the volume of a cube, you would use Volume = length times width times height, and your answer will be in cubic centimeters. Convert the answer to litres by dividing the number by 1,000 because there are … ... More

how to clean air conditioner filter samsung

Regular maintenance & clean up of air filters Dirty and clogged air filters obstruct the normal air flow and reduce the cooling capacity of the AC system significantly. When the filter is very dirty, the air flowing inside bypasses the filter and carries dirt directly … ... More

how to cut breast cup

Cup Size and Breast Augmentation Expectations This is an excerpt from Dr. Tebbetts book, The Best Breast 2. Although some methods of defining breast size for breast augmentation surgery are popular, they are not as accurate as we might like to believe. ... More

how to find whatsapp backup google drive

To delete Whatsapp backup from Google Drive this is the way you understand. Just Delete that file which is the Whatsapp Backup file. Select that file from the list and 'right click' to select 'delete'. That's it! the Whatsapp backup from google drive is deleted. Now Whatsapp cannot detect the backup file from your Google Drive. Then the Restore fails and it remains normal. The task was done ... More

how to build a pole building

Have you been dreaming of a place where you can store or work on your cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles? Well, theres no limit on uses when you choose to build a pole barn garage! ... More

how to cut and sew a simple blouse

Simple Sew Blogger September 21, 2016 Peter Pan Blouse, Tutorial 1 Comment I fell in love with this pattern the first time I saw it. I have a soft spot for peter pan collars! ... More

how to clean printer heads on epson xp 100 printer

2/06/2015 How to clean clogged or blocked Epson print head nozzles the easy way. for Epson printers that will not block your printer. Cheap yet very reliable! Please visit - ... More

how to clean cabbage patch dolls with yarn hair

9/07/2018 I found a beautiful cabbage patch doll I would love to get. I wanted a doll who's hair I can comb. My other dolls are very small and do not have that much hair to comb. I wanted a doll with long hair to comb and I think this one is beautiful. Please tell me what you think of her. On the website her name is Letha Marylou ... More

how to add asterisk in excel graph

The tilde causes Excel to treat the following character literally. In this case we are using "~*" to match a literal asterisk, but this is surrounded by asterisks on either side, in order to match an asterisk anywhere in the cell. ... More

how to create multi store in magento

After Magento Open Source is installed, the installation creates a hierarchy that includes the main website, store, and store view. To add a multi-language store view for a Magento 2 store and make the store available in different locales, the first thing you have to do is create a new store view in Magento 2 backend. ... More

how to connect epson 3620 scanner to computer

Usually rebooting my PC, or the scanner will fix this. This time it won't and I don't know what to do. I've rebooted my computer and tried multiple times to pair my scanner with the wireless, but it doesn't seem to be properly connecting to my PC. ... More

how to connect checker plate to purlins

28/12/2016 Purlin and Multiple Connection in Advance Steel Engineers CAD Centre. Loading... Unsubscribe from Engineers CAD Centre? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 679. Loading ... More

how to create anticipation on social media

UPDATED! This post was expanded and updated for 2018 to include more examples of social media prompts to get the conversation going! Almost 59% of American consumers engage with brands on social media sometimes up to three times a day. ... More

how to download free music on windows phone

22/10/2014 · Mobile Apps Check out these great music streaming apps for Windows Phone. Many of the best music streaming for mobile devices are also available on Windows Phone. ... More

how to slow motion in final cut pro x

While we can create slo-motion in Final Cut Pro X using retiming (Modify > Retiming > Slow Motion), the problem with slomo created during post-production is that, often, the image quality suffers. ... More

how to create a pen like effect vector

Something like this: I'd like to note that this is not my image, I did not create this. When I downloaded the illustrator file and opened it, I wasn't expecting the background to be vector, because it looks so real. ... More

how to drink dom benedictine

It is almost always served in a brandy snifter and it makes an ideal after-dinner drink or nightcap. The producers of Benedictine also make a pre-mixed B&B which is really good. However, if you have a favorite brandy, you will find a made-from-scratch B&B … ... More

how to draw a easy heart

Don’t disremember for share this How to draw a beautiful heart step by step learn to draw a heart very inspiring kids thanksgiving coloring page to comrade or your girl friend. So they are would probably get with to develop they Coloring Page. I am excited can share … ... More

how to detect triangles in matlab

How to detect zig-zag lines in a image. Learn more about imaging processing, pattern recognition ... More

how to clear your inbox

Email causes serious problems for our productivity, and for our psyche. An overflowing inbox weighs heavy on the mind. Returning to it over and over again creates more"work about work," as the ... More

fortnight how to change your name

How we work out your care percentage. We usually work out your care percentage based on the amount of care you provide. You and the other parent may be able to agree how much care you each provide. ... More

how to find out which drive windows is installed on

19/09/2018 · If you're on a Windows computer, you can also view and update drivers from within the Device Manager program, and both Windows and Mac users can download and install drivers directly from a manufacturer's website. ... More

how to become a hairdresser in perth

People would likely go for the best hairdresser in town to help them manage their hair. If you are considering or working your way to the top, you must consider becoming personally effective in your job as a hairdresser. ... More

how to close spotify account

Service: Spotify is one of the worlds largest music streaming sites. How To Cancel An Account: Spotify offers two levels of servicefree accounts and paid subscriptions. ... More

how to add printer to mac with usb

To setup your network printer with Bonjour on a Mac computer: Connect the printer to your NETGEAR router USB port. Click + to add the printer. Select the printer you connected to your NETGEAR router USB port. The system searches for the driver for your printer. If available software is detected, click Download & Install. The printer name, location, kind, and status displays on the Printers ... More

how to connect points on surface grasshopper

So now I'll use a divide surface component to generate a grid of UV points from my surface. So I'll grab that from the Surface > Util Component Panel. And I'll connect my surface output to divide surface input and then I'll make two integer number sliders for the U and V counts of the divide surface … ... More

how to delete a datpiff account

Hello!! I am about to activate the student discount on my already existing premium account. However, when I follow the steps for the activation I am directed to unsubscribe. ... More

how to create a mining pool

feasibility of pool launching who owns pools technical requirements soft for a new pool ready-made engines at Github serious business ??Read more here ... More

how to use stride drive

The elliptical cross trainer is a fundamental piece of gym equipment, usually found in the cardio section of any gym or health club. Its a stationary piece of ... More

how to build a styrofoam boat

Making Foam Raingutter Boat Kits. These instructions are for putting foam boat kits together. It takes only a couple of hours at most. Though these boats are simple, they are much better than Boy Scout kits and cost a lot less (15 to 25 cents each). ... More

how to cancel premium card protect st george

ESH TECH PROTECT PREM is BrightStar Device Protections charge code that the company uses when charging your checking, credit, or debit card for purchases. Brightstar device is mobile phone insurance that is frequently purchased through mobile phone stores. ... More

how to clear your own chakras

Sacral chakra: located near your navel, this chakra is orange in colour and relates to your sexuality, creativity, ability to create, and relate to others in relationships, and in your own body. The organs related to this chakra are the reproductive organs, including the womb, and sound of this chakra is vam. ... More

how to connect bluetooth through lg sound bar

I have the NB3530A soundbar and can listen to music from my phone on my soundbar, but is there a way to listen to my tv on my bluetooth headphones from my tv through my soundbar? ... More

how to cook fresh edamame beans

Edamame beans recipe. Learn how to cook great Edamame beans . deliver fine selection of quality Edamame beans recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. ... More

how to download map onto explorer arcgis

Summary. This tool converts a map document into a KML file containing a translation of Esri geometries and symbology. This file is compressed using ZIP compression, will have a .kmz extension, and can be read by any KML client including ArcGIS Explorer, ArcGlobe, and Google Earth. ... More

how to call australia from the philippines

Welcome to last nights World Cup qualifier basketball match between Australia and the Philippines, which has made global headlines this morning after a particularly ugly brawl. The commentary in Australia is overwhelmingly that we were the victims in the fracas. ... More

how to change planets on google earth

9/12/2009 · Explore the potential impacts of climate change on our planet Earth and find out about possible solutions for adaptation and mitigation. Learn more at http:/... ... More

how to build a simple roof

A shed roof is considered to be one of the most simple and economical ways to build. Cheap material will help you to save your money. Here are the tips on how to build a shed roof fast: Cheap material will help you to save your money. ... More

how to add your won movies to your phone itunes

Just hook up your iPhone or iPad to the computer, launch iTunes, click the Phone icon to select your device. Next, select Apps on the sidebar, scroll down to the “File Sharing” section, select VLC from the app list, and then drag and drop your movie files onto the VLC Documents area. Finally, click “Sync” to start transferring files to your iPhone. ... More

how to add icecast to vcl on android

30/07/2018 VLC media player is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as discs, devices, and network streaming protocols. This is the port of VLC media player to the Android platform. VLC for Android can play any video and audio files, as well as network streams, network shares and ... More

how to backup blu ray to hard drive

Since Blu-ray burning devices and storage discs will gradually get cheaper, backing-up to Bly-ray discs will increase in popularity to the point where it will surpass other backup methods, such as online back-up, because it is a convenient method and in the same time it can offer offsite protection (after you backup to Blu-ray discs, you can store those on a remote location). ... More

how to change colour minecraft

How to Change the colour of torchlight in Shaderpacks If you want to change the torchlight colour, that would be the video to watch. At least, for now. This post is basically a text-only version of that video for the benefit of those (like me) who have poor internet connections and/or don't like watching videos to learn about coding. The video has a bit more detail, but it is specific to a ... More

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how to change twitter email address on iphone

How to change your email preferences. Log in to Twitter. Click the profile icon and select Settings from the drop down menu. Click on Email notifications from the settings sidebar. Check or uncheck the notification boxes to reflect your email preferences. Click Save changes. Note: You can also adjust your notification settings by clicking on the unsubscribe link in an email footer, which

how to clear key frames premier

Next, we will add the key frames by selecting the pen tool and adding key frames both at the beginning and at the end of the sequence. For example, here we will add two points, one right at the beginning and the other after a little gap. After that, we will take the very first key frame and pull it down. This will give a fade in effect. The same is to be done for the ending to give a fade out

how to change note 5 to original system

Note that both methods mentioned above only change the icons of app shortcuts that you can put on the homescreen - so if you're looking in the app drawer, apps will still have their original icons. How to change app icons on Android

how to clean aveda paddle brush

The wooden paddle brush helps detangle hair, with extended bristles to stimulate and massage scalp. The brush is designed with one bristle missing in the bottom, middle half of the brush to provide ventilation and to aid in drainage after the brush has been washed.

how to create a vase in autodesk123

3. Start to wrap the vase or the carafe with the rope. The first twirl is the most difficult one, once done you will only need to let the rope unroll itself.

how to draw join the dark side star wars

Seeking to bring Luke to the dark side, Vader revealed that he was Luke’s father -- a shock that rattled the young Jedi to the core. Rather than join Vader, Luke chose to fall into a deep abyss, and survived.

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