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how to become an astrophysicist wikihow

Paleontology is the investigation of past life on earth, through the study of fossils. Fossils are the remains of once living organisms that have been preserved in the earth's crust. ... More

how to create a digital photo album

Not interested in an actual photo album? Arrange in advance to buy your digital files from your photographer. You can keep them on your hard drive, upload them to a photo site for sharing, make DVD slideshows and order prints whenever you want. ... More

how to choose keywords for journal article

Write an abstract and choose keywords re-iterating 3 or 4 key phrases Keep it natural - Google will un-index your article if you go overboard on the repetition The better you write your abstract, the better chance you are giving your article to appear high up in the search results rankings. ... More

how to clean old slides photos

Part of the beauty of old photos is that they were printed on textured paper, so leaving some of the texture in your edit will lend an antique quality to your photo, even after you print it. As you can see, we recovered the shadows and midtones, and cleaned up some of the spots on the photo, but it still retains that old-timey quality! ... More

how to create a keyword strategy

2/01/2019 · Creating Topics For Your SEO Strategy With this in mind, we can look to other areas for topic ideas. Consider these resources outside of your keyword planner for creating … ... More

how to buy palladium bullion

Palladium is a substitute for platinum in the auto industry. Gasoline powered cars, which traditionally used platinum in their catalytic converters, have switched over to palladium. Today, about 78% of the world’s palladium is utilized by auto manufacturers. ... More

how to create a bar grapg on google sheets

Types of charts graphs in Google Sheets - Docs Editors Help Use a bar chart to show the difference between the data points for one or more categories. Learn more about bar charts. ... More

fb how to add an admin on page

Click the "Message" button displayed on the page's cover photo. Facebook administrators have the option to disallow incoming messages, which is the case if the page has no Message button. If there is no message button, look for the text box to post on the page's Timeline. Administrators can also disable this feature, so you may not see it, either. ... More

how to choose where adobe cc installs

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Info At Andromeda our plug-in installers are compatible with Photoshop CS3 through Photoshop CC 2014. Our plug-ins themselves are compatible with Photoshop CC 2019, but must be installed manually. ... More

how to delete my downloads

3/03/2007 I downloaded a program which now sits in My Downloads. The download arrived as a zipped folder. The problem is that when I mouse over the zipped folder it causes Windows to ... More

how to create fqdn in windows server 2008

As an administrator of Windows server 2008 network infrastructure if you want to add DHCP server scope you need to follow the steps given as below: 1. Logon to Windows server 2008 computer with administrator privileges and make sure that DHCP server role is installed on the computer. ... More

how to draw bubbles deviantart

Used here : Because sometime you just don't need to overdo it with painting and colors ect ... More

how to cook mahi mahi with skin in the oven

Place the Mahi Mahi on the grill skin side down. Grill for 4 minutes then turn over and grill for an additional 2 to 4 minutes, depending on how thick the steaks are. Grill for 4 minutes then turn over and grill for an additional 2 to 4 minutes, depending on how thick the steaks are. ... More

how to draw hair step by step by christina lorre

Christina Lorre on Instagram: “ 🌙HAIR TUTORIAL LINK IN BIO💖 After a lot of editing,waiting and re-uploading the hair tutorial is finally ready!😩🙏🏽This video is detailed…” ... More

how to draw a cardboard fidget spinner

Tear off a piece of paper, draw an arrow on it, and lay it on the scanner or photocopier, pointing in the direction the camera moves. This will make it easier to interpret your scans. This will make it easier to interpret your scans. ... More

how to clean a bastard file

Well, actually the mill bastard file is one of the smoothest cutting files with the most teeth. So, it was probably a "bastard" to make. Of course, making a bastard was the sport of kings and princes. ... More

how to download new fonts on mac

I love cute fonts! I just wish I could figure out how to use them in my photo editor program. :) The Best New Fonts www. ... More

how to add image to your signature on iphone email

If you follow the directions and make your awesome email signature in Mail, then you can easily add it to your iPhone with a few easy steps: Send yourself an email with your desired signature from your ... More

how to delete flixanity account

Flixanity addon also gives you the option of signing up for an account on the FliXanity website. One of the main benefit’s to Kodi users is that you can build customized favorites list that will … ... More

how to draw superman lego

... More

how to draw girl manga eyes

Anime Eyes Drawing Girl Eyes Drawing How To Draw Anime Eyes Manga Eyes Manga Anime Cartoon Tutorial Manga Tutorial Animation Tutorial Eye Tutorial Forward Digital Coloring Anime New Digital Coloring Tutorial Anime Fresh Eyes Coloring Tutorial V 2 0 anime digital coloring tutorial photoshop, digital coloring anime, digital coloring anime tutorial, how to color digital art anime ... More

how to cook teff for salads

Great Grains: Teff -- The Jury's Still Out Posted in Family & Home , Recipes on Wed, 10/17/2012 - 6:00am by Amy Sippl - This is the sixth post in the series “ Great Grains ," highlighting unusual whole grains and easy ways to incorporate them into your diet. ... More

how to delete watch history netflix

This means you will be able to go through and delete as much of your viewing history fairly quickly. If you want to delete an item from the Continue Watching list, youll need to remove the entire series from the My Activity page. ... More

common job interview questions and how to answer them

2/01/2019 Five Common Interview Questions & Tips to Answer Them. The information to follow will aim to give helpful advice in responding to an interviewers common questions . Tell Me About Yourself. Tell me about yourself is most definitely the most commonplace question candidates are asked in interviews. Still, answering can leave one feeling perplexed. When an interviewer is asking ... More

how to buy bonds in secondary market in india

20/06/2017 · China used a new tool to boost liquidity in its government-bond market for the first time Tuesday, purchasing one-year notes that had seen limited … ... More

how to change logo of google

... More

how to cook chestnuts in pressure cooker

1 Cook the bacon and onions in the pressure cooker: Select the “Sauté” setting and add the bacon to the pressure cooker. (If you are using a stovetop pressure cooker, … ... More

how to build a kennel floor

Blueprints For Dog Kennel With Shed Build A Wood Frame Over Outside Stairs Shed 8 X 14 floor.plans.for.outdoor.building Smittybilt X20 12 Free Land Value Estimation How To Build Shed Foundations Secondly, do not overlook the sheds fine points. ... More

how to download skype for business on laptop

29/01/2016 · I tried to set up a login on my home computer for my work email address, thinking I could then download and install my Office 365 Pro Plus apps, thus getting me the access to the Skype for Business app I need. ... More

how to format excel download from bannk scv file

How to process a Google contacts .csv export in excel Google contacts provides an easy way to export your contacts to csv (for details on how to export have a look at How to export Google contacts to CSV ). ... More

how to clear cache for world of warships

Right click on the launcher for your game: WOTLauncher.exe for World of Tanks WOWsLauncher.exe for World of Warships WOWpLauncher.exe for World of Warplanes Select Properties. Navigate to the Compatibility Tab ... More

how to add borders between bullet point

Your element may look like a bullet point, but that's just a dirty hack, really, and should be avoided! To make your element both (1) look like a bullet point and (2) behave like a bullet point, you should set the display , list-style-type and list-style-position attributes of that element. ... More

how to change download format in chrome

Click “Download tool now”, select “Create installation media for another PC”, and tell it to download an ISO file for you. Windows 8.1 and 7 may or may not work with your Chromebook and its drivers. ... More

how to clean artist oil paint

Oil paint is prized for the rich, luminous effects it gives to artwork. Although most oil colors are thick and opaque, they can be thinned to a transparent state that will work well in an airbrush for rendering crisp, precise images. ... More

how to create a gravity form

Click on Create Form, and you will be presented with a screen that outlines the basic steps of working with Gravity Forms. To add any field to your form, all you have to do is click the desired field on the right-hand side of the screen. ... More

how to download things faster

But this is not the case in torrent, you will download from multiple peers and effective download speed will depend on these all peers not a single server. Also, for example, if server crashes or goes down, whatever be the reason, you can always download the file as peers will made it available to you. ... More

how to draw a dingo youtube

Drawings of Dingo submitted by users. Learn how to draw Dingo from these Draw Something Drawings. The Best of Draw Something exists to showcase the very best drawings in the OMGPOP game Draw Something and Draw Something 2 for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android. Upload your drawings and vote for the best! ... More

how to create hotel booking site

Instant booking gives travelers all the information they need to book with you immediately on TripAdvisor: Share Live Rates and Availability Enable potential guests to see your live rates and availability on the world’s largest travel site ... More

how to eat peanut butter fruit

Add the peanut butter, cocoa powder, maple syrup, vanilla, and sea salt to a bowl, and stir until it comes together into a thick batter and is completely smooth. Roll about a heaping tablespoon of the dough into small balls, creating 8 balls total. Place the balls on the prepared pan. ... More

how to become a crypto miner

A Nevada-based cryptocurrency investment company is planning to convert a US Department of Defense facility into crypto mining data center. The company, Wuhan General Group (China) Inc, has seized the opportunity to use the redundant facility, originally called the Defense Department Data Center, for its mining project which will eventually be ... More

how to become a bums doctor

Anal itching is a symptom, not a disease in itself; it is a common problem, which many people are too embarrassed to see their doctor about. Pruritus ani can happen to anyone but is said to be more common in men than women and also more common in adults than children or the elderly. ... More

how to brine and cook a turkey

Super Hungry? Jump to the recipe. With the holidays in full swing, it's difficult to really blog and cook for company - Thanksgiving was a good example of my inability to photograph, edit, write, post AND entertain my guests all at once (I don't recommend trying this, fellow bloggers). ... More

how to build a gaming compuiter

If you are looking to put together a gaming computer, this is the build for you. All the components that go into this build are top quality, and near or on the cutting edge. ... More

how to put windows 10 on new hard drive

After which, click “Apply” to start the Windows 10 OS migration from your old hard drive to the SSD. The migration may take a while and varies per system. Once done, shut down your computer and unload the source drive. ... More

how to become a police officer uk

30/04/2011 · Become a police officer at the first attempt by following the advice and guidance from recruitment experts... ... More

how to add a mac on batteries widget on iphone

If you dont see a Batteries widget in the list here, scroll down and tap the Edit button at the bottom of the screen. Locate the Batteries widget in the More Widgets list here and tap the + button to add it ... More

how to change slide size in powerpoint mac

7/10/2017 I need to export slides from Powerpoint (have PP 2017 version 15.32 via Office 365) as high res tiffs at 300 dpi for my thesis and publications In previous versions of PP for Mac I could change the export resolution but that function seems to have gone. ... More

how to clean ceramic burr grinder

The grinder is easy to clean and use, making it a must-have item when you’re on the go. Shoppers on a budget appreciate the overall quality and performance of this coffee grinder. ... More

how to delete a gmail account on samsung

If you device is Samsung and need to get clear steps on how to remove google account from it, you will also gain the info from it. For IOS. 1. Open the Gmail app, and then tap menu icon. 2. Tap Manage accounts icon . 3. Tap the Edit icon. 4. Tap Remove icon for the account you want to remove, then a message will prompt to ask for your confirmation. If you are OK with that ... More

how to connect sata hard drive to esata port

Windows Drivers for Bundled eSATA Card (eSATA 300TX2) The Seagate External eSATA drive comes bundled with a two-port eSATA PCI card. This card requires drivers that are included on the CD. ... More

how to change bluestacks games to keyboard controls

BlueStacks 4 is now able to use your computer’s resources much more efficiently, and first of all, it launches much faster. With CPU and GPU improvements, you can now get more FPS in games ... More

how to become a property manager victoria

Let's face it, sometimes being a property manager is a tough job, catering to the needs of both tenant and landlord. In Australia there are a number of landlords who choose to manage their own property, which has it pros and cons. If you are thinking of managing your … ... More

how to bring up the map on snapchat

Recently, Snapchat came up with the new feature called as Snap Map. Using Snap Map, you can see your friends location on an interactive map. Along with the location of your friends, you can also see the event happening in the world like Sports events, Concerts, special places, festival celebrations etc. ... More

how to create a profitable business

non·prof·it ˌnänˈpräfit/ adjective adjective: non-profit 1. 1.not making or conducted primarily to make a profit."charities and other nonprofit organizations" Also, A nonprofit organization (NPO) (also known as a non-business entity is an organiza... ... More

how to change the look of kodi

How to change skin kodi 17 to look like Jarvis 16.1. Posted . by Ian Whyte. A STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO CHANGE SKIN WITHIN NEW EBMC FORK 17 4.4 IN 6 EASY STEPS FROM ESTUARY SKIN TO CONFLUENCE. From home, screen Estuary select the settings screen from the settings cog at the top of the screen; From this screen, you need to select Interface settings (settings step 2 ... More

how to securely connect to public wifi

How to Use Androids Wi-Fi Assistant to Safely Connect to Public Wi-Fi Networks (and Save Data) Cameron Summerson @Summerson Updated July 11, 2017, 10:09pm EDT If you arent using Androids Wi-Fi Assistant, you should. ... More

how to delete league account

28/09/2014 · It seems someone invited me to a league and by mistake I accepted, now its seems Im thw only person in the league and I cant seem to leave or delete league, in the management I get ... More

how to build a simple workbench

T he one tool that every woodworker, crafter, or any one that has a ton of home improvement projects to tackle needs, is a work bench, and heres how to build one for yourself. ... More

how to create a sauna at home

There are many sauna kits on the market which make building a dry sauna basically a matter of sliding slot A into slot B, but it is possible to build your own sauna if ... More

how to draw candy the cat

See more What others are saying "Super-cute Halloween characters done in kawaii style" "Shop for cute clip art on Etsy, the place to express your creativity through ... More

how to become a lord in wales

Accessing our online training portal is the quickest and most convenient way to become Rent Smart Wales Certified. In fact, most people sign up, complete the learning and receive their certificate on the same day. Priced from £23 + VAT, it's also the most cost effective training option available. ... More

how to download ur profile to extrrnal xbox one

My profile was my 360 profile and when one came out i transfered it over to the one. But i only have the option to download profile not to use my profile. Why do i not be able to profile on my one instead of download and if i download profile is it permint so i can play it without havinf to download … ... More

how to download flash games online

This screenshot shows keno without download at Classic Casino. No download keno at Sun Palace Casino. Keno Strategy Keno is a game of chance and there's not really a strategy that works. ... More

how to call another countries emergency line

If your provider operates via another country, you may not be able to access Triple Zero (000). Check with your satellite phone provider if you are unsure whether you can contact Triple Zero (000) from your satellite phone. Please do not call Triple Zero (000) to test. ... More

how to create an efolio

Create your own personal website in wordpress Registers Track student attendance and create email alert rules Your Voice Anonymous student feedback, anytime, anywhere Module text messages Keep your students up to date with important information by test messsages: A personal ePortfolio Use wordpress to create your externally accesible portfolio. Showcase your skills and talents to potential ... More

how to move files from lightroom to external hard drive

7/07/2017 Lightroom CC > moving photos from one external drive to another Jul 6, 2017 Hi all, I've done lots of searching on the web but was wondering if there's a better way to transfer 1tb/100,000 photos (my entire LR catalogue) from one external hard drive (it's now full) to another new (bigger) external ... More

how to access hard drive on ps2 slim

30/07/2015 · Hello I have a ps2 (scph 30001 and scph 50001) aldo a ps2 memory card with freemcboot. is there any way I can play ps1 backupgames on my ps2 … ... More

how to create data table in google sheets

I'm trying to query a google spreadsheet to build a datatable for google chart services. The ultimate goal is to put graphs from multiple spreadsheets into a page with the HTML service. The ultimate goal is to put graphs from multiple spreadsheets into a page with the HTML service. ... More

how to cut paper snowflakes youtube

DIY Easy Paper Cut Snowflake. Heres a nice step by step tutorial to show you how to cut a paper snowflake. As impressive as this paper snowflake can look, it is super easy and fun to make. You can spend some quality time with your kids cutting out dozens of these paper snowflakes. You can either glue these paper snowflakes on the windows, or hanging them in the air with threads. They are ... More

how to clear recent files in windows explorere windows 10

21/08/2016 Right click on 'Recent items" (under Quick Access) and select "Clear recent items list" whenever you want to "Clear Your File Explorer Recent Files History in Windows 10 ... More

how to get cas to give simplified answer

29/10/2018 In this Article: Article Summary Using the Order of Operations Simplifying Complex Expressions Community Q&A. Math students are often asked to give their answer in "simplest terms"in other words, to write answers as elegantly as possible. ... More

how to clean whiting fish

Sand whiting are the sporty little speedsters of South East Queensland’s shallow surf gutters and beaches. They are great fun to catch on light line and there is no arguing the lovely sweet taste of fresh whiting … ... More

how to ask a girl out and not get rejected

I think I would want to be friends if I am mentally able to just be friends with her, but that is usually not the case. Usually, the feelings stick around, and are only made worse by being around her. It would be a very one-sided friendship, and that isn't healthy for anyone. ... More

how to delete web bar on desktop

20/09/2007 · I've been looking for the answer to this from a Google search and can't find the answer. The IE7 icon is *not* on my desktop, which is good. It's in my ... More

how to become a good supply chain manager

Definately. I have so many linkedin profiles with CA backround. A CA can rule the world. I even regret of not choosing it in my +2. The Biggest Football Club-Manchester United is headed by Ed Woodward- A Chartered Accountant. ... More

how to create iso image file of windows 10

How to mount or unmount ISO images on Windows 10 When you need to access or extract the content of an ISO image, use this guide to learn the steps to mount and unmount .iso files ... More

how to add favicon ico

When you bookmark a site in your browser or add a site to your Favorites list in Internet Explorer (version 5 and above), it checks the server to see if there is a favicon.ico file present. If there is, the favicon.ico will display next to the bookmarked text. ... More

how to choose a wedding dress shop

In all the excitement and stress involved in planning your wedding, one of the most crucial things you will need to buy is your wedding dress. ... More

how to become the alpha to your dog

The submission of training to become a dog trainer the subdivision plan means the zoning will remain unchanged for eight years. Dozens of residents came out to voice their opinions and concerns during the public hearing, which began at 8 p.m. and lasted more than three hours. ... More

how to cut diamond shapes into timber panels

4. Place the panel on a flat, stable work surface, such as a pair of saw horses or a shop table. Hang the cut line over the work surface's edge. ... More

word documnet how to add poage number

Under the Header & Footer section, click the location of where you want to the page number to appear from the dropdown menu. ... More

how to change mac name high sierra

Mac wont start after upgrading to macOS High Sierra Reset NVRAM So you have successfully installed macOS High Sierra, but for some reason, your Mac wont boot up. ... More

how to clean dried blood out of nose

If blood when blowing nose appears in conjunction with crusting on the inside of the nose, a slight infection may be present in the lower nostrils. These blood vessels can become inflamed and bleed, sometimes extensively, when one blows their nose. It can require cauterization to deal with the problem. This will require a visit to the doctor and a discussion of how often the bleeding occurs. ... More

how to make a call to usa from australia

Call From Usa To Australia prepaid phone international reach calling card international call phone card Although the free cell phone number search services are not really free, the small fees charged by these websites is more often than not worth the price. ... More

how to create er diagram in visio

13/12/2018 From the Object Relational or Entity Relationship stencil, drag a Relationship shape and drop it onto a blank space on the page. Connect the higher end to the table with the parent table. Connect the other end to the child table. ... More

how to dance lyrical hip hop

Our hip-hop dance classes are particularly popular amongst kids who want to keep up with all the latest dance moves and music. Taking hip-hop dance classes will help to improve cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, stamina, confidence, work ethic, and more. ... More

how to change a pad at school

15/09/2008 · Best Answer: you may just want to sort of 'practice' changing pads really quickly - it really doesnt take that long if you know what you're doing. you should be fine running, the pad might rub against your inner thighs a little which could cause some irritation, or if your period is kind of heavy it could cause some blood to ... More

how to break free from negative life patterns

Change your perceptions. Admit that the way you've been interpreting your life has been sabotaging your ability to break free of the destructive patterns that are holding you back. ... More

how to change an event to public

The event model in C# is based on idea of publisher and subscribers. Each publisher can have more subscribers subscribed to each event. Publisher will do some logic and publish an event … ... More

power a ps3 controller how to connect

The PS3 controller that comes with the Sony PlayStation 3 uses Bluetooth to connect to the PS3. Third party controllers, like the MadCatz PS3 controller, use wireless USB connections to connect to the PS3. The MadCatz PS3 controller uses a USB flash drive that automatically calibrates the MadCatz PS3 controller with the video game system. ... More

melikebigboom how to create a server

Run Your Client Server Application Ensure Visual Studio is set to build in ‘ Debug ‘ mode and then build all projects by pressing ‘F6′. An alternative is to right click the Solution file in visual studio and select ‘ Build Solution ‘. ... More

how to cut a bottle neck off

Get a string and wrap it around the bottle. Tie it to the bottle and cut off the ends. Step 2. Take off the string and soak it in acetone. Put it back on the bottle, preferably on the line that looks like a point where the glass is joined or a point where the glass starts to bend. Step 3 . Light up the string and spin the bottle until most of acetone has burned. Step 4. Drop the bottle in cold ... More

how to build a chinese seismograph

The second circuit is a rectifying circuit which takes in the 2.5 volt output that is generated from the Seismograph Circuit. The purpose of this circuit is to cut off … ... More

how to cook roast pork on weber

Cook Delicious Pork Belly On Your Charcoal BBQ . Fancy trying something new on your barbecue this weekend? Russell Jeffery owner of Riverside and professional cook Andrew Dickens show us how to cook a mouth-watering pork belly dish on a Weber Charcoal BBQ. ... More

how to change lock screen image in windows 8

Windows 8.1. A long time ago I set up a "screen saver" for the Windows lock screen. It displays a slideshow of images from a folder I chose. I can't find the settings for this. ... More

how to become a famous kid singer

This is not a job for a child. potential for abuse is in the Millions of Electron volts- nearly all child stars crash-landed in later life- such as Judy Garland, most of the Little Rascals, etc. ... More

how to clean monthly contact lenses

11/08/2010 · There are three steps to cleaning your contact lenses. These three steps are Scrubbing, Storing, and Soaking. Each one of these methods requires a different contact lens solution, though all-in ... More

how to download movies from abc iview

ABC iView is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s free video on demand service. It offers shows such as Doctor Who, Mad Dogs, Restoration Australia, Gruen XL, Archer, and Getting Frank Gehry. ... More

how to download netflix shows to watch offline on mac

If you can find your favorite show in Netflix download list, then you can download and watch Netflix on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android and other portable devices directly. After that, just download "select TV shows and movies" to watch Netflix offline. ... More

how to clean oven with baking soda paste

27/07/2009 Baking soda paste oven cleaner (Baking soda + water) I spread it over the mess in the oven then went to bed. Spreading the baking soda paste in the oven. Technically, one night is all it takes, but I have been so busy that I didnt get to cleaning it until one week later. Here it is. The baking soda hardened and it was super easy to break off. It absorbed the burnt food and turned it brown ... More

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how to draw male hair easy

Drawing hair is the easiest as compared to other facial parts but quite important as it defines your look. I love drawing various hairstyles because I love the variety of styles which we can print on our paper.

how to delete fitbit app messages

How to send messages to friends in the Fitbit app for iPhone and iPad Launch the Fitbit app from your Home screen. Tap the Friends button on the bottom right of the screen.

how to get a clean hdmi signal canon t3i

30/08/2011 · Here is a little video I made showing how I use the mini-HDMI out jack on my Canon 7D to preview what I'm shooting when the little screen is non-accessible (in this case) or just too small for

how to connect ps3 bluetooth headset to phone

The headset that came with my PS4 does not seem to be working as it keeps telling me there is no mic even though I flipped the blue switch to ON. Can I just use the PS3 bluetooth headset I bought with my …

how to choose lighting for house

Nothing sets the mood of your house like period lighting. Whether it's casting a warm glow around the room or shining a bright spot on a painting, the lighting you choose adds immeasurably to your home's overall ambiance and décor, and it's important to get it right.

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